Ball Python

Ball pythons are quickly becoming one of the fastest growing pet species in the United States. They are known for their vibrant colors. They are usually a dark black green with dark dark circles or sometimes gold ones. People have always called them ball pythons because they will often curl up into a ball as a defense mechanism. If you cup your hands when holding them they will curl into a ball. They do this because they are scared. To protect their head they put in into the middle of the ball that they created. This seems like a silly action for a ball python but they do it very often.

Like many different types of snakes their name has great meaning. The king snake is known as the king because of their ability to eat all other species of snakes. Some people may say the ball python has a look of extravagance and royalty. This is precisely the case because the Ball python received its name because of an ancient lore. The story went that Cleopatra would not go anywhere without her ball python wrapped around her wrist. Ball pythons are very similar to tree pythons in the way they can hold themselves on branches like a wrist and the extreme strength they possess. It is easy to imagine the ball python royally draped across Cleopatra’s arm with its dark gold spots. The ball python is so popular for its beauty combined with it being the best pet snake for a human to care for. Some people believe that ball python care is difficult but as long as you do not fall behind your responsibilities you will be fine. Just read as closely as you can the main page on this website and you will be fine.

The most popular ball python owner is of the female variety. That means that buying a ball python has become very popular among young females. Whether this is because of Cleopatra’s legend or them unknowingly using the ball python as a sort of fashion accessory we do not know. This is a nice ball python. Don’t you think?