Ball Python Feeding

Ball Python feeding is one of the most important dynamics of ball python care. When originally purchasing your ball python be sure to hound the ball python breeder about the specific snake you are looking at and its eating habits. If the ball python is not healthy, you will always struggle feeding it. That is because sick snakes will go off of feeding for long periods of time. When a Ball Python has gone around ninety to one hundred days without feeding is when you should consider force feeding it. Never force feed a Ball Python without interviewing people who have experience and really doing your homework. Force feeding can be a very stressful thing to do not only for yourself but for your poor ball python. lf you are very interested, try Youtube because their are great videos displaying exactly how your would need to force feed your python. Most Ball Pythons begin being feed mice but will get used to eating larger rats in time. The cheapest way to feed a Ball Python is by feeding them frozen rats. It is necessary to always defrost the frozen mice or rats completely before feeding them to your Ball Python. If you feed them a frozen rat it could be fatal. Feeding your ball python is most definitely the most difficult parts of providing the best care for your pet. I highly advise you never to throw live prey in your Ball Python’s enclosure. A cage does not allow space for the snake to naturally attack the hamster how it may desire so that is why it can sometimes be dangerous, so in short I highly advise you never to do that.